Drop you glove

from by Cyborg Jeff



Niark... drop your glove and run... be carrefull === niark niark

So intersting ideas Matt have added in Power Glove Amiga version. There were zone where the player need to drop his Glove ! Harder and Stress, that mean i need to add a tune that suite to that gameplay !

I'd like to keep an melody in the same orientation that main theme, but i have in mind to arrange that with fast cutted basses like in the french 2K glory time of the Tektonik !


Tout en conservant une mélodie dans la lignée du thème principale le l'arrangement repose donc sur un ligne de basse très hachées à la sauce Tektonik, ce genre de musique moderne has been qui a eu son heure de gloire dans les année 2000 avec par exemple le groupe Jakarta et Mondotek.


from Powerglove - Amiga OST, track released September 8, 2016
written by Pierre Martin (Cyborg Jeff) for Amiga 500 video game Powerglove developped by Lazycow

Sotfware used : Open Modplug Tracker, Pro Tracker

Inspiration : Olof Gustafsson, Allister Brimble, Jakarta, Mondotek

Thanks to : Pype, Romuald Dispa