Give me the night (Vocal version)

from by Cyborg Jeff



Well, i was realy astonnished sometimes ago that this Dance Creation will never been released in one of my albums ! If you could find the instrumental version in the album Divagation, the two vocal versions were forgotten in my hard drive when i worked on my second album Summer Island… Musicaly the original Give me the night was inspirated by Culture Beat like euro-dance mood and written in early 1997 as my first Dance track of the year, only in 6 tracks for the audio player coded by my brother Pype.

In May, i had all the equipement to add vocals in my creation, for sure not to much, just two gimmick with the few memories of my Pentium 120mhz.

The added lyrics were basic but they worked with a correct interpretation for that time. The next day, i wrote also DV-DJ remix version that sounded more modern, using some sounds sampled from the CD Single of Double Vision that you i will add later on the new version of Summer Island album...


Ah ben ça ! Je découvre avec étonnement aujourd’hui que ce titre Dance pourtant réussi n’a jamais eu droit à une présence sur un de mes albums ! Si l’on pouvait retrouver la première version instrumentale, limitée à 6 pistes sur l’album Divagation, les versions chantées resteront oubliées sur mon disque dur… Pourtant musicalement Give me the night était vraiment réussi, dans un style « Culture Beat » euro-dance certain. Le texte ajouté est basique, mais efficace et son interprétation plutôt correct avec les moyens du bord. Le lendemain, je m’attaquais d’ailleurs à cette DV-DJ version, plus « moderne » et composée autour des sons samplés des CD Single du groupe Double Vision.


Gimmick : Why don’t you give me the night ?
Please let me try…

Refrain : Give me the night, my baby please let me try
Give me the night and you’ll see the love will never die


from Divagation '20th anniversary', track released May 21, 1997
Music and text written by Pierre MARTIN
inspiration : Culture Beat - Mr Vain
samples : The Lord

Software : Scream Tracker III, Impulse Tracker II

Special hi to : Tbob (Valentin Boigelot), Doudou (Delphine Jacqmard), Ced (Cédric Vanrutten), JedD (Jean-Denis Magis)